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List of Marriages:-

1901 ALLCOTT Annette to Benjamin G. LLOYD at St. Luke Cradley Heath

1908 ALLCOTT Mary to John T. MAYNE at St. Andrew West Bromwich

1838 GODWIN Ann to Thomas P. BUCKINGHAM at West Bromwich Register

1838 GODWIN Ann to John MOORE at St. Peter Stoke on Trent

1838 GODWIN John B. to Catherine GROCOTTE at St. Margaret Wolstanton

1838 GODWIN Richard to Eliza BUXTON at St. Peter Stoke on Trent

1838 GODWIN Sarah to Benjamin BUTLER at St. Mary Lichfield

1839 GODWIN Sarah to Rebecca BARHAM at St. Giles Newcastle under Lyme

1841 GODWIN Matthew to Mary HEAFORD at St. Mary Stafford

1841 GODWIN Thomas to Sarah MCLAUGHLIN at St. Chad Lichfield

1841 GODWIN William to Grace HOLMES at St. Werburgh Hanbury

1841 GODWIN William to Jane RICHARDSON at St. Mary Stafford

1842 GODWIN Mary to John SALT at St Peter Stoke on Trent

1843 GODWIN Sarah to Henry HITCHINGS at St. Michael Lichfield

1844 GODWIN Alexander to Ann DAY at St. John Armitage

1844 GODWIN James to Mary Ann MELLOR at St. Mary Stafford

1844 GODWIN William to Charlotte BRATT at St. Mary Stafford

1845 GODWIN Alexander to Susan HITCHENS at St. Augustine Rugeley

1845 GODWIN John M. to Susan TRUBSHAW at Christ Church Stafford

1846 GODWIN Alexander to Ellen SHARRATT at St. Mary Lichfield

1846 GODWIN Elizabeth to George WRIGHT at St. John Hanley

1846 GODWIN Sarah to John ANSLOW at St. Mary Stafford

1846 GODWIN Thomas to Ann COOPER at St. Mary Stafford

1847 GODWIN Joseph to Eliza BRANDRICK at St. Martin Tipton

1847 GODWIN Francis L. to Mary SAMMONS at St. Nicholas Abbots Bromley

1847 GODWIN John to Mary KENDRICK at St. Peter Stoke on Trent

1847 GODWIN Thomas to Ellen GILL at St. Giles Whittington

1848 GODWIN Samuel to Sarah HERBRIDGE at West Bromwich Register

1849 GODWIN Mary A. to William DICKEN at All Saints Kings Bromley

1849 GODWIN Mary Ann to Benjamin MORRIS at St. Mary Stafford

1849 GODWIN William to Ann TOON at St. John Shenstone

1850 GODWIN Henry to Martha BILLINGS at St. Peter Stoke on Trent

1850 GODWIN Mary Ann to Frederick LEADBETTER at St. Chad Seighford

1851 GODWIN Ann to George DOBSON at St. Giles Newcastle under Lyme

1851 GODWIN Mira Barker to William PERRY at St. Mary Stafford

1851 GODWIN Samuel to Emma Webb ELLSMORE at St. Mary Stafford

1851 GODWIN Stephen to Emma HEATH at St. John Burslem

1851 GODWIN William to Fanny GROOM at St. Peter Stoke on Trent

1852 GODWIN Ann to William ALLEN at St. Giles Cheadle

1852 GODWIN Sarah to Thomas GOODWIN at St. Peter Stoke

1852 GODWIN William to Elizabeth NAVALL at ST Leonard Marston

1853 GODWIN Samuel to Lettice WALKER at St. Mark Shelton

1854 GODWIN Eliza to William HAYNES at Leek Register

1854 GODWIN Sarah to Edward ANDREWS at St. Chad Lichfield

1855 GODWIN Caroline to Thomas LYON at St. Michael Hamstall Ridware

1855 GODWIN Thomas B. to Mary BUTTERWORTH at St. Leonard Marston

1856 GODWIN George Barker to Elizabeth WHITE at St. Mary Stafford

1856 GODWIN Mary to William CARTWRIGHT at St. Michael Brereton

1858 GODWIN James to Sophie SANDERS at Lichfield Register

1859 GODWIN Robert to Susanna TATLER Holy Trinity Northwood

1859 GODWIN Sarah to John WHITEHALL at St. John Wednesbury

1860 GODWIN Levi to Eliza DEAKIN at Lichfield Register

1860 GODWIN Samuel to Prudence GROCOTT at St. John Burslem

1860 GODWIN Thomas to Mary JOHNSON at St. John Burslem

1861 GODWIN Bridget to Thomas CUNNINGHAM at Holy Trinity Northwood

1861 GODWIN Elizabeth to Daniel RILEY at St. Nicholas Mavesyn Ridware

1861 GODWIN William to Georgiana SMITH at St. Michael Penkridge

1862 GODWIN John to Sarah CYPLES at St. Mark Shelton

1862 GODWIN Mary to George BENTLEY at St. Nicholas Mavesyn Ridware

1862 GODWIN Samuel to Elizabeth ELLERTON at Newcastle under Lyme Register

1863 GODWIN John to Ellen A. WOOD at St. Bartholomew Wednesbury

1863 GODWIN Alexander to Charlotte LAKIN at St. Michael Brereton

1863 GODWIN Ann to John WARD at St. James Salt

1863 GODWIN Catherine to Benjamin MIDGLEY at St. George Newcastle under Lyme

1863 GODWIN Jane to Francis BURTON at St. Mark Shelton

1863 GODWIN Lucy to Joseph ONION at St. Peter Stoke

1864 GODWIN Harriet to George HALLIDAY at St. Michael Brereton

1865 GODWIN Eliza to William NORCUP at St. Matthew Etruria

1865 GODWIN Elizabeth to William CRENNY at Christ Church Stafford

1865 GODWIN Julia to William WAINE at Lichfield Register

1865 GODWIN William to Elizabeth GATLEY at St. Werburgh Kingsley

1866 GODWIN Dexter W to Charlotte REDGATE at All Saints West Bromwich

1866 GODWIN Eliza to Joseph HALES at Leek Register

1866 GODWIN Joseph to Ann SHENTON at St. Luke Leek

1866 GODWIN Mary A. to George OXFORD at St. Leonard Marston

1866 GODWIN Mary to Edward WRIGHT at St. Michael Brereton

1868 GODWIN Samuel to Sarah MALPAS at St. Leonard Marston

1869 GODWIN Elizabeth to Thomas WHITE at Lichfield Register

1870 GODWIN James to Sarah SIMMONS at St. John Wednesbury

1870 GODWIN Mary to William MOSEDALE at Lichfield Register

1870 GODWIN Sarah A. to Levi THORLEY at Holy Trinity Chesterton

1871 GODWIN Elizabeth to Samuel ALLEN at St. John Burslem

1871 GODWIN Henry to Mary Ann COOK at St. Mary Stafford

1871 GODWIN John to Ann BROWN at St. John Shenstone

1871 GODWIN Robert W. to Selina MYATT at Cheadle Register

1872 GODWIN Archibald W. to Emma TITLEY at St. Michael Rocester

1872 GODWIN Fanny to David BATE at St. Mary Stafford

1872 GODWIN Grace to William MELLOR at St. Mark Shelton

1872 GODWIN Hannah to Samuel DAVIES at St. Mark Shelton

1872 GODWIN William to Hannah PARKER at Stoke on Trent Register

1872 GODWIN William to Elizabeth ROWLEY at Holy Trinity Northwood

1873 GODWIN Alice to George BULLBROOK at St. Leonard Marston

1873 GODWIN Emily M. to Henry JOHNSON at St. John Trent Vale

1874 GODWIN Mary to Morris HACKETT at Holy Trinity Smethwick

1874 GODWIN James to Eliza WILLIAMS at St. John Armitage

1879 GODWIN Sarah to Alfred HARPER at All Saints West Bromwich

1882 GODWIN Elizabeth E. to Aaron RUSSELL at All Saints West Bromwich

1888 GODWIN Walter to Annie HENDLEY at St. Matthew Smethwick

1890 GODWIN Joseph to Amelia GOULD at St. Giles Rowley Regis

1891 GODWIN William to Lily E. BILL at St. Luke Cradley Heath

1893 GODWIN Louisa to Thomas TURNER at St. Peter West Bromwich

1902 GODWIN Reginald J. to Lizzie A. HILDITCH at Silverdale Methodist

1903 GODWIN Albert E. to Mary E. DAVIES at Newcastle under Lyme Register

1903 GODWIN Alice to William H. FERNS at St Luke Leek

1903 GODWIN Edwin J. to Margaret L. BRINDLEY at All Saints Alrewas

1903 GODWIN Joseph to Martha CORDEN at St. Luke Leek

1903 GODWIN Mary E. to Alfred J. BRADBURY at Christ Church Gentleshaw

1903 GODWIN Thomas to Alice TURNER at St. John Hanley

1905 GODWIN Alice M. to Harold BRINDLEY at St. Peter Stoke

1905 GODWIN Arthur G. to Ada A. WARHAM at St. George Newcastle under Lyme

1905 GODWIN John W. to Alice M. BARTON at St. Edwards Leek

1906 GODWIN Frank to Mary A. SANDERS at Holy Trinity West Bromwich

1907 GODWIN Elizabeth to George H. LEA at St. Mark Shelton

1907 GODWIN Percy to Elsie M. BLADON at Lichfield Register

1913 GODWIN Rose A. to Martin WALSH at West Bromwich Register

1915 GODWIN Alfred W.F. to Nellie J. MOORE at Old Church Smethwick

1916 GODWIN James H. to Ellen V. DERRY at St. John Wednesbury

1918 GODWIN Catherine C. to Percy G. CHARLESWORTH at St. Paul Smethwick

1920 GODWIN Reginald W to Gladys K. MORGAN at St. John West Bromwich

1939 GODWIN Ada M. to James H. INGRY at St. James Norton Canes

1939 GODWIN Arthur to Agnes M. JOHNSON at St. Teresa Trent Vale

1939 GODWIN Guy F. to Eileen GLAZE at St. Editha Tamworth

1939 GODWIN Nora to William J. SALT at St. Luke Leek

1939 GODWIN Victor to Edna WESTON at St. Giles Cheadle

1939 GODWIN Winifred A. to Frederick J. HALL at St. Michael Lichfield

1940 GODWIN Blanche to James HARVEY at Lichfield Register

1940 GODWIN Edna L. to Frederick R. COOK at St. Teresa Trent Vale

1940 GODWIN Irene Blanche to Lawrence DAWKES at St. Austin Stafford

1940 GODWIN Stephen Thomas to Dorothy May HALL at St. Patrick Stafford