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Miscellaneous Data:-


1928-1929 Electoral Roll of Birmingham



ALLCOTT:- Ellen, William, Cyril & William Edward; at 76 Thomas St. Aston


ALLCOTT:- Walter & Harriet at 1 Back of 20 Bartholomew Row Deritend


CLIFFORD:- Reuben, Sarah, Norman Richard & Sydney at 76 William St. Lozells


GODWIN:- Joyner & Getrude at 55 Pugh Rd. Aston


GODWIN:- Arthur & Ada at 8 Myrtle Grove Aston


GODWIN:- Thomas & Kate at 64 Pugh Rd. Aston


GODWIN:- Frederick & Harold at 15 Hunters Vale Aston


GODWIN:- George Edward, Annie & John Edward at 1 Court 6 17 Benacre St. Deritend


GODWIN:- Frank & Henry at 3 Monmouth Place Deritend


PEARSON:- Julia (possibly nee Julia BURTON); at 5 back of 135 Lichfield Rd. Aston


PEARSON:- James at back of 61 Church Lane Aston


PEARSON:- George & his wife Florence (nee WOOD) at 6 St. Helens Place Aston; next door at 7 St. Helens Place his twin brother John William PEARSON and his wife Mary (nee MCDONALD)


PEARSON:- Frederick James, Sarah Ann, William Arthur, Robert John & Ernest Walter at 112 Anglesy St. Lozells


PEARSON:- Albert at 212 Burbury St. Lozells (lodging with people named THORNLEY)


PEARSON:- Charles & Ethel at 90 Guildford St. Lozells


PEARSON:- Christopher & Ada at 14 Asylum Rd. Lozells


PEARSON:- Maud Emma, at 73 Alma St. Lozells


PEARSON:- Frank Edward at 96 College Rd. Perry Barr


PEARSON:- William Charles at 9 Lodge Rd. Lozells


PEARSON:- Charles Sidney, Ada & Walter at 5, Court 6, 30 Buck St. Deritend


PEARSON:- William Henry & Helena at 86 Mansfield Rd. Aston


PEARSON:- William & Sarah Jane at 3 Back of 64 Floodgate St. Deritend


PEARSON:- Francis George at 71 Heath Mill Lane Deritend


PEARSON:- Walter, Sarah, Walter Richard & Charles Edward at 64 Kingston Rd. Deritend


PEARSON:- Thomas at 20 Gordon St. Deritend


PEARSON:- William, Eliza & Harry James at 93 Arthur St. Deritend


PEARSON:- George Henry & Georgina Maria at 100 Bolton Rd. Deritend


PEARSON:- Thomas Edward & Elizabeth at 102 Belgrave Rd. Deritend


PEARSON:- Roland at 1 Cumberland Terrace 95 Saint Lukes Rd. Deritend


PEARSON:- William at 171 Camp Hill Deritend


PEARSON:- William Henry at 119 Southam Rd. Deritend


WOOLLASTON:- Frederick & Emma at 32 New St. Lozells



1930-1931 Electoral Roll of Birmingham



ALLCOTT:- Ellen, William Cyril, William Edward & Edith Mabel at 76 Thomas St. Aston


CLIFFORD:- James & Agnes at 67 Church Lane Aston


GODWIN:- Ernest & Kate at 7 Perseverance Place 31 Avenue Rd. Aston


GODWIN:- Albert & Getrude at 55 Pugh Rd.


GRETTON:- John & Dorothy Florence at 10 Church Lane Aston


PEARSON:- James & Florence Beatrice at back of 61 Church Lane Aston



1905 Electoral Roll of Birmingham

(All of these men must have been born no later than 1884; at this time women were not allowed to vote)



CLIFFORD:- James at 67-69 Church Lane Aston


PEARSON:-  Thomas at 73 Church Rd. Aston


PEARSON:- William at 78 Church Rd. Aston


PEARSON:- Albert at 511 Lichfield Rd. Aston


PEARSON:- William at 2 Back of 284 Lichfield Rd. Aston