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HAROLD II (c.1020 - 66)
The last Anglo-Saxon king of England, Harold held the crown for nine months in 1066 before being famously killed by an arrow in the eye at the Battle of Hastings while trying to repel the Norman invasion under William the Conqueror. Harold succeeded to his father's titles in 1053, becoming the most powerful man in England. Titles for his three brothers - Tostig, Gyrth, and Leofwine - swiftly followed. However, in 1065 the Northumbrians revolted against Tostig, their earl. Bowing to rebel demands, Harold relieved Tostig of his title, safeguarding his own position but turning Tostig into a bitter enemy.

Ray Godwin www.raygodwin.co.uk

Ray studied Performing Arts and Media  At Salford University in the mid-eighties, since then he has worked on a variety of different projects including radio, television and the theatre. Guests stars in the video for his latest single with his band The Dandelion Clocks include none other than Rick Wakeman from YES, Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Hall from the BBC, John Stapleton from GMTV, Frank Sidebottom and world champion boxer Ricky Hitman Hatton. As well as being a top professional vocalist and DJ, Ray is also an accomplished singer songwriter signed to KM Records and has a publishing deal with Kid Mental Music. In the past couple of years, Ray and his music career has featured in a variety of press including The Sun. He has been interviewed on BBC Northwest Tonight, Granada Reports and Channel M. Radio appearances include BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Lancashire, Talk Sport, Key 103 and a host of other stations.

Pat Godwin  http://patgodwin.com/                       Pat Godwin has been writing songs, performing in clubs and releasing CD’s since he was 20 years old. It was only when Pat’s style took a turn, and he began adding more humor to his live act that people started taking notice.  Before long, his banter with the audience was funny and his songs were even funnier. Pat plunged headfirst into comedy and discovered his true calling.Though Pat’s been charming audiences in clubs for years and has been featured on every major radio morning show in the country, his greatest achievement came just recently with the release of his new comedy album . Godwin wrote and recorded an eclectic compilation of new tunes, live favorites as well as exorcising some of the demons left behind from a relationship gone wrong.  But don’t let that dark description scare you, is hilarious, and getting heavy rotation on the nationally syndicated   It contains the Number 1 most requested song, “Gangsta Folk ttp://patgodwin.com/

It’s comes as no surprise that Godwin is enjoying some success, seeing as how he possesses one of the most entertaining and original live shows in the business. Because he’s got such strong material and highly developed improvisational skills, no two shows are ever the same… not even close. And don’t let that sly boyish smile fool you; it only takes about three seconds on stage to realize that Pat’s comedy has an edge to it.  With a mix of quirky, personal musings and off the cuff remarks, Godwin can segue in to any one of his songs, performed in an endless array of musical styles.

Aside from his standup career, Godwin has blossomed into one of the most clever and prolific comedy songwriters in the business.  Pat first broke onto the scene with his holiday classic “Let’s Put Christ Back in Christmas” from the album Reindeer Games, which received airplay all over the country. After that, it wasn’t long before Godwin’s talents were being used on radio morning shows; a medium Pat is more than familiar with.  He’s appeared on every top morning show you can think of, worked for six years on Philadelphia’s “Morning Zoo” and was a frequent guest and contributor to “The Howard Stern Show”.

If your curiosity is piqued after reading this bio, Pat suggests you see him perform live, buy his new CD and ask him out on a date… you’ll be glad you did.  Well, two out of three ain’t bad.



   WILLIAM GODWIN, (1756-1836)
   English philosopher, anarchist

William Godwin was a English political philosopher who, while in the ministry for which he was trained, had cast off his Toryism & Calvinism & achieved a place of first importance as the interpreter to England of the French Encyclopedists. Godwin's ideal society is intensely equalitarian & a complete anarchy, although he tolerated the idea of a loosely knit democratic transition that would witness the withering of the State. Strongly antiviolence & completely rationalistic he carried his doctrine to the point of total alteration in human relations. Ignoring economics & starting from a highly individualistic psychology, he argued for education & social conditioning as the chief factors in character formation.

   Mary Shelley (1797-1851)

Mary ShelleyMary Shelley was born in London in 1797, the daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft, two radical writers. Her mother died when she was only ten days old.  In 1816 she married Percy Bysshe Shelley, then unknown, and they lived in Italy until Shelley's death in 1822. The idea for Frankenstein came to her when she was staying on Lake Geneva in 1816 but was not published for two years.  She wrote several other novels and contributed to the Westminster Review.   She died in February 1851."
<Frank E Stein-Godwin
It is quite difficult to believe that a young girl of 18 years old would be the author of a book that would become the first monster film, creation film, bionic film, horror film, publicly banned film, and the first of many Frankenstein films. But we must give this young girl credit for her literary talent and active imagination. Mary Shelley is responsible for many fine literary works of art but none are as famous as Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus published in 1818. The tale Shelley tells is of a young Dr. Frankenstein who tries to create a living being but instead creates a monster.

Frank N Stein-Godwin. Notice the strong family resemblance........

There are many interesting theories on the reasons why Shelley wrote Frankenstein. The book was started while vacationing at Lake Geneva with her husband Percy, Lord Byron, and John Polidari. Lord Byron challenged the group to write a ghost story. Mary was slow to come up with an idea for her story but after she had the following "waking" nightmare she began to write the famous Frankenstein novel that would take her almost 2 years to publish:

"I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, then on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life...his success would terrify the artist; he would rush away...hope that...this thing...would subside into dead matter...he opens his eyes; behold the horrid thing stands back at this beside opening his curtains..."

Mary now had the basis of her story and went on to complete the novel in the spring of 1817 and have it published January 1, 1818. Frankenstein can be read with many different view points in mind. Was Mary simply writing of the nightmare she had in Lake Geneva or was she writing about the fears she had about child birth. At the time she wrote Frankenstein she had lost one child and had a 6 month old to care for. Frankenstein can be viewed as a reflection of Mary's fears of having a deformed child or a child she could not love.

Godwin Brumowski (1889-1936)

Was Austria-Hungary's top-scoring fighter pilot of World War One.

Serving in the Austro-Hungary artillery when war was declared against Serbia on 28 July 1914, he later transferred to the air service in July 1915 following notable service on the Eastern Front.  Having acted as observer to Otto Jindra he qualified as a pilot himself in July 1916.

Five months later Brumowski found himself operating on the Italian Front.  He was an instant success, amassing five 'kills' within the space of just two months (thus qualifying as an ace), subsequently receiving the Gold Bravery Medal.

Brumowski's hero was aviation legend Manfred von Richthofen; he even painted his own aircraft red.  He spent the early part of 1917 studying air tactics with Jasta 24 on the Western Front.  This was followed by command of Flik 41K in March 1917, Austria-Hungary's first true fighter squadron.  The following year, October 1918, brought Brumowski command of the Austro-Hungarian air force operating along the Isonzo.

By the war's close Brumowski was reckoned to have achieved 35 victories.  He later became a farmer in Transylvania before establishing a flying school in Vienna.  He was killed in a aircraft accident on 3 June 1936 in Schiphol in the Netherlands.

K2 Mount Godwin-Austin                   K2 8611m, 28250ft 

the world's
second highest

Dr Godwin

Dr Godwin

Tommy Godwin Olympian

Frank Godwin Illustrator

Gurth Godwin (SW) Singer with Bobby Sox, the band later became 'The Stranglers' 

Johnny Sox pictured Left - Right Gurth Godwin SW Mike?Chicago (Drums) Jan Knutsson (bass) Hugh Cornwell (guitar)J