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Tim Godwin was born in Surbiton in Surrey, he now lives in Loughborough UK.

His family follows the same linage as our Stafford Godwins, Tim has been a great contributor to this site.

My Godwin Ancestors: 

Please note where two years have been put in its because the year didn’t run from Jan – Dec as today. 

Jacobi and Dorothiae (James and Dorothy)


Jacobi Godwin died May 20, 1709 in Stafford, He married Dorothiae.


Note: Jacobi (James) Godwin a Cordwainer became Head Burgess (Councillor) on the 23rd November 1694. He took the place of William Abnet Junior who refused to serve. (Source The Freemen of Stafford Borough 1100 to 1997 by Jack Kemp, and “Order Book C” page 38 from the Stafford Archive Office) There is also a James Godwin listed as paying hearth Tax in Eastgate in 1666.


On his death in 1709 he left a will that can be found under “Goodwin” at the Lichfield Records Office which I have a full Translation.


Dorothiae Will / Administration Document also in the Lichfield Records Office under “Goodwin”.


Children of Jacobi and Dorothiae are:

Joan Godwin Christened April 08, 1667

Ann Godwin Christened December 12 1668

Dorothea Godwin Christened November 08, 1670: Married Yardley

Elizabeth Godwin Christened May20, 1674:Married Matthew Dudley October 06, 1703, St Mary’s Stafford.

Jacobus Godwin Christened December 26, 1676, died August 03, 1687.

Francisca Godwin Christened April 1677, Married John Ridley August 20, 1713 Wolverhampton.

Thomas Godwin, Christened February 1677/78. Married Marian Parker February 17,1711/12 in St Mary’s Stafford.

Thomas Godwin became a Freemen of Stafford by Birth on March 02, 1710/11

Samuel Godwin Christened December 24, 1680, (My direct Line)

Maria Godwin Christened September 22, 1682.

Johannes Godwin Christened April 15, 1684. Became a Freemen of Stafford on March 02, 1710/11.

Johannes Married Rachel in Stafford.

Gabriel Godwin Christened May 19 1685.  Became a Freemen of Stafford on March 02, 1710/11.

Believed Married twice First to Maria in St Mary’s Stafford who had 7 children, then to Mary Ward in 1729.

 All were christened in St Mary’s Stafford


Samuel Godwin Christened December 24, 1680 was married to Elizabeth in 1707 in St Mary’s Stafford.

Samuel was made a Freemen of Stafford on March 02 1710/11.


Children of Samuel and Elizabeth are:

Susanna Godwin Christened May 02, 1708.

Thomas Godwin Born November 16, 1710, became a Freemen of Stafford October 22, 1733.

James Godwin Christened December 20,1713 died August 15, 1775, became a Freemen of Stafford January 03, 1737/38.

James Married Mary in 1738 at St Mary’s Stafford they had 3 children.

William Godwin Christened October 17, 1715. (My direct line)

Samuel Godwin Christened March 04, 1716/17.

Anne Godwin Christened August 07, 1720.

John Godwin Christened January 21, 1722/23

Gabriel Godwin Christened January 09, 1725/26.

 All were christened in St Mary’s Stafford

 Gulielmus (William) Godwin Married Elizabeth Harvey on the 11 September 1737 in St Mary’s Stafford


Children of Gulielmus (William) and Elizabeth are:

William Godwin Born December 30, 1738, Christened January 06, 1739 (My Direct Line)

Ann Godwin Christened September 09, 1739.

 All were Christened in St Mary’s Stafford








William Godwin Married Sarah Phillips on February 01, 1761 in St Mary’s Stafford.

Sarah Phillips was born in 1734 and Christened on August 08, 1734, at St Mary’s Stafford.


Children of William and Sarah are:

William Godwin Born December 06, 1761, Christened December 07, 1761.

James Godwin Born November 16, 1764, Christened November 24, 1764.

Mary Godwin Christened August 06, 1768.

Thomas Godwin Born June 06, 1770, Christened June 20, 1770.

Sarah Godwin Born November 11, 1771, Christened November 23, 1771.

Ann Godwin Born February 16, 1774, Christened February 28, 1774, Died January 09, 1775.

John Godwin Born April 17, 1776. Christened May 25, 1776. (My Direct Line)

Samuel Godwin Born April 08, 1778, Christened April 10, 1778.

George Godwin Born August 09, 1781, Christened September 09, 1781, Died November 18, 1781.

Elizabeth Godwin Born February 09, 1783, Christened February 10, 1783.

Joseph Godwin Born October 29, 1785, Christened November 06,1785.


All Christened at St Mary’s Stafford.


John Godwin Married Mary Moore August 06, 1796 in St Mary’s Stafford.

Mary Moore was born circa 1773 in Littleworth Staffordshire.

John became a Freemen of Stafford by birth on February 05, 1798.

John is shown as residing at 34 Red Lion Street, Stafford in the 1851 Census, where it states he had a medical condition and was blind.


Children of John and Mary are:

John Godwin Born September 28, 1796, Died September 30, 1797.

Thomas Godwin Born May 12, 1797, Died May 02, 1800.

William Godwin Born December 09, 1797, Died November 22, 1798.

Samuel Godwin Born December 22, 1800, Christened February 11, 1881, Died September 1885. (My Direct Line)

Elizabeth Godwin Born June 30, 1804.

Joseph Godwin Born December 26, 1805, Died June 13, 1806.

Mary Godwin Born January 23, 1807.

Ann Godwin Born April 05, 1809.

Sarah Godwin Born February 09, 1814, Died March 01, 1818.

William Godwin Born February 07, 1816, Died 1879 William Married Jane Richardson May 09, 1841.

William became a Freemen of Stafford July 21, 1837 he was living in Tavernor’s Row in 1837.

 Samuel Godwin Married Alice Barker on August 14, 1820 in St Mary’s Stafford.

Samuel became a Freemen of Stafford by Birth June 07, 1826.

There is a family photograph of Samuel and Alice on the front cover of

The Freemen of Stafford 1100 – 1997, By Jack Kemp.


Children of Samuel and Alice are:

George Barker Godwin Born May 13, 1821. Married Elizabeth White February 06, 1856 in St Mary’s Stafford.

He became a Freemen by Servitude July 28, 1847. They had a Daughter named Maria Born December 06, 1857.

Thomas Barker Godwin Born July 04, 1823 Died 1879 Freemen by Servitude July 28, 1847.

Henry Barker Godwin Born April 10, 1825.

Mary Ann Barker Godwin Born December 01, 1826.

Samuel Godwin Born February 28, 1830, Died in Stafford March 1909. (My Direct Line)

Benjamin Barker Godwin Born December 07, 1831 Died March 1847.











Samuel Godwin Married Emma Webb Ellsmore December 12, 1851 in St Mary’s Stafford who was the daughter of William Ellsmore, after being widowed he then Married Sarah Malpass on January 26, 1868 in the Marsden Chapel, in Stafford, Sarah was the daughter of Henry Malpass.


It is due to Samuel Godwin that I know so much about my family history, as fortunately he gathered a lot of archive paperwork to do with the Godwin Family, due to an obsession to prove that some land belonged to our family, it is said that the land was lost in chancery so our family was unable to claim ownership.


He managed to trace the family back to Samuel and Elizabeth who were married in 1707, I believe he was looking for a will to prove that the land was ours. He always said our family was important at one time, and I think this is shown by what I found out about Jacobi in the mid 90’s in that he was a Head Burgess (Councillor), which at the time was a very important position to hold within the Community.


Another point is that we didn’t know about the Freemen side of things until I visited Jack Kemp (Ex Mayor of Stafford), he was writing a book at the time about the history of the Stafford Freemen. It was due to this visit that my father claimed his hereditary right to become a Freemen by Birth of Stafford on April 14, 1997, after a 100-year gap.


Samuel became a Freemen by birth on July 06, 1852. His Occupation was a Cordwainer.


He was also in the Staffordshire Militia, and was embodied (mobilised / called up) for Military Service in 1853 – November 1857 with the 1st Stafford Militia, they spent three years in an embodied state serving in the Greek Islands.


On January 06, 1883, he received a notification that he was being nominated to become a Trustee of the Stafford Freemens Allotments, The election was to be held on Monday 15th January 1883, pursuant to the provisions of the Stafford Corporation Act, 1880.


Children of Samuel and Emma are:

Alice Maria Barker Godwin Born October 06, 1852.

Benjamin Henry Barker Godwin Born October 15, 1858, Died June 1860. Index of deaths St Catherines Ldn.


Children of Samuel and Sarah are:

Sarah Godwin Born October 09, 1868,

In the 1881 Census Sarah is shown as being aged 12 a scholar living at 5 Lovat Street, Stafford.

Helena Mary Godwin Born April 30, 1873 living in Friar Street Stafford.

James George Godwin Born September 26, 1875, Died March 29, 1962 (My Direct Line)

In the 1881 Census James is shown as being aged 6, a scholar living at 5 Lovat Street, Stafford.

Elizabeth Godwin Born ?, Shown as aged 2 yrs on the 1881 Census living at 5 Lovat Street, Stafford.

Mary Godwin Born March 08, 1881.

Mary is shown aged 1 month on the 1881 Census living at 5 Lovat Street, Stafford.


James George Godwin  Married Elizabeth Dugmore (Born September 20, 1877) daughter of John Thomas Dugmore and Harriet Dugmore (nee’ Buttery).

The Dugmore family can trace their lines back to 1625 in Pen Stafforshire.

 More notes on James George Godwin

He became a member of Territorial Force on the 20/05/1913, served in World War One, and then again in the Territorial Army until he was Discharged on the 25th September 1935.

He became a Freemen by Birth on July 01, 1897.

His Occupation is shown as a Retired Railway Engineer on his death certificate.


Children of James and Elizabeth are:

James George Godwin Born September 06, 1901, Died December 12, 1990. Occupation Engineer. (My Direct Line)

Florence Godwin Born April 13, 1904, Died June 08, 1975. Married Thomas Eric Lowe

Samuel John Godwin Born November 08, 1906. Died 1993. Married Louise Colletti.

     James George Godwin Married Florence Piper May 08, 1923


Children of James and Florence are:

Sadie Godwin Born ****, Married Cyril

Hazel Mary Godwin Born August 14, 1927, in Stoke on Trent, Died July 30, 2000, in Dorset.

Hazel Married Geoffery.

She was a School Teacher and Head of Domestic Science at Tolworth Girls School.

James George Godwin Born **** Stoke on Trent, went to school at St Josephs College. (My Father)

Susan Christine Godwin Born November ****, Stoke on Trent, Married to Jim.

 James Married Margaret Ann Turner ****

Children of James and Margaret are:


Stephen James Godwin Born *************************


Timothy Samuel Godwin *****************************
Occupation: Transport Manager  (Me) Married Joy Foster 

I have three children and live in Loughborough, Leicestershire.