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 Great great great grandparents
James Godwin and Margaret Hussey (sometime late in 1700's)
Parents to George


great great grandparents
George Godwin, Hampshire England (1809-1877) and Harriet Winn (1804-1863)
Parents to Thomas.


great grandparents
Thomas Andrew GODWIN was born on 27 Jan 1837 in Basingstoke,Hampshire,England.
He died on 14 Mar 1914 in Waratah,(Emu Bay)Tasmania,Australia.       

Cause of death was Heart Failure,Pneumonia,Bronchitis.

He was buried on 16 Mar 1914 in Olde Cemetry,Waratah,(Emu Bay)Tasmania,Australia.

Thomas Andrew Godwin arrived in Australia 1852 aboard the Albert Ross was involved in the Eureka Stockade then sailed to New Zealand then back to England returned with his parents in 1858 aboard the Swiftsure owned a hotel at Barrys Reef Ballarat Victoria before heading to Mount Bischoff Tasmania remaining till his death in 1914

He married Ann PAYTON on 16 Mar 1858 in Geelong,Victoria,Australia.
Ann PAYTON was born on 23 Nov 1837 in Worcestershire,England.
She died on 25 Jun 1916 in Waratah,(Emu Bay)Tasmania,Australia.

The cause of death was Cerebral Hemorrage. She was buried on 27 Jun 1916 in Waratah,(Emu Bay)Tasmania,Australia.

Ann PAYTON married Thomas Andrew GODWIN on 16 Mar 1858 in Geelong,Victoria,Australia.

They had the following children:
George Thomas GODWIN was born in 1859 in Ballarat,Victoria,Australia.        
Thomas Andrew GODWIN       
Adelaide Ann GODWIN was born in 1862 in Castlemaine,Victoria,Australia.        
William John GODWIN       
Albert George GODWIN       
Herbert Augustas S GODWIN       
Margaret Harriet GODWIN was born in 1873 in Ballarat,Victoria,Australia.        
John Payton GODWIN was born in 1875 in Ballarat,Victoria,Australia. D.1958        

family history peals off here with grandfather John Payton

GODWIN, John Payton b.1875 - Ballarat,Victoria,Australia d.1958

Margaret ELLEM married John Payton GODWIN

GODWIN, Leonard John - b.1902 - Zeehan,Tasmania,Australia d.1985

GODWIN, John Payton b.1952 - Eldorado,Victoria,Australia (Myself)


GODWIN, Robert John b. 1975 – Korumburra Victoria Australia


GODWIN, Finn Riley b. 1998 – Melbourne Australia

GODWIN, Louella Kate b. 2003 – Melbourne Australia