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 Surnames include:


 Research commenced 1988 by Paul GEBHARD after "prompting" by his great 
aunt Edna Griffiths (nee Gebhard). I am really pleased that she did, at 
the time myself and all of my living relatives knew very little, we knew 
of Martin James GEBHARD my Great Grandfather who died in August 1956 when 
I was almost 2 years old but little more; having now unearthed what in 
the 1880's was probably a hugely delicate "skeleton in the cupboard" it 
becomes obvious why my father and his father knew nothing about their 
ancestor Johann Jacob GEBHARD - the subject was a taboo.

 As well as learning about my own family tree the additional benefit is 
that I have learned a lot about Birmingham's and Germany's history along 
the way.

 When I eventually proved after a lot of work (and also by having the good 
fortune to make contact with Jean Alexander - nee Gebhard) that my Great 
Great Great Grandfather was a Johann Jacob GEBHARD who came to England in 
the late 1840's I then started to think not only about "who begat who" but 
more about the lives and times of these people; why should a German male 
migrate to England? I did discover that its likely that the reason would 
have been one of the following:- Germany had national service and some of 
the males left to avoid it, the well to do Germans came to England as it 
was fashionable to do so because there was a German family on the English 
throne, conversely the German crops failed for a couple of years in the 
early 1840s and there were a lot of poor people in Germany who took their 
chances and got on a ship to another country (mainly the USA and England).

 * Last Revised April 2005 *

 Johann Jacob GEBHARD (my Great Great Great Grandfather) was born at noon 
on Monday 22nd November 1819 in Praunheim now a district of Frankfurt, at 
the time of his birth it was a village; his father was Martin GEBHARD a 
Gardner and his mother's name was Catharina DUCHMANN Johann's eldest 
sister Lischen Marion GEBHARD was born in Frankfurt on the 12th May 1814, 
he had another sister Johanna Sara Maria GEBHARD born 9th January 1815 and 
a brother George Heinrich GEBHARD BORN 23rd September 1816. By no later 
than 1831 Catharina DUCHMANN had died (Johann was 12).

 1819 Johann Jacob GEBHARD was born at noon on Monday 22nd November in 
Praunheim Frankfurt; he was christened on the 28th January 1820.

 1847 First knowledge of Johann Jacob GEBHARD in England is as a witness to 
the marriage of his elder sister Lischen GEBHARD (aged 34) to Thomas ISLIP 
(aged 20) in Gloucester on the 5th August (Thomas ISLIP later became a 
very successful Pearl Button Manufacturer in Birmingham). Wuthering 
Heights by Emily Bronte is published in this year.

 1849 Johann GEBHARD is a "Master Tailor" at 156 Broad Street Birmingham 
(source: - Kelly's Commercial Directory of Birmingham). The population of 
Birmingham in 1849 is circa 230,000.

 1851 On the day of the census the 30th of April Johann GEBHARD lives at 
132 Islington Birmingham; under the same roof are Johann's sister Lischen, 
his brother-in-law Thomas ISLIP plus their 2 kids Gertrude ISLIP and 
Lischen Marion Gebhard ISLIP; Johann's future wife Elizabeth ISLIP is 
listed as a visitor on the night that the census is taken 30th March 1851. 
Therefore Johann and Elizabeth knew each other for at least 2 years before 
they married and probably longer - I would guess that it's very likely 
that they met at the above mentioned marriage of 1847. St. Martins market 
opens - in Jamaica Row.

 1852 Johann GEBHARD is a Tailor at King Edwards Road (Kelly's Directory). 
Napoleon becomes Emperor this year.

 1853 On Monday the 21st of March Johann Jacob GEBHARD is married to 
Elizabeth ISLIP at St. Martins in the Field (this is the church that 
overlooks Trafalgar Square) this is only 29 days before the birth of their 
son (Have copy of marriage certificate, Johann gives his father's name as 
being Martin GEBHARD a Gardener). Johann was 33 years of age.

 1853 Johann Jacob GEBHARD and his wife Elizabeth travel to Germany where 
their son Johann Martin GEBHARD (but always known as Martin) is born in 
Mainz on Tuesday 19th of April (why Germany for the birth? and why Mainz 
and not Frankfurt?).

 1854 Crimean war begins. New Street Railway Station opens. St. John's 
Church Ladywood completed.

 1855 The GEBHARD family lives at 187, Camden Street Hockley; daughter 
Marie Katherina GEBHARD born there 7th February 1855 (birth certificate).

 1856 Crimean War ends.

 1858 Johann & Elizabeth Gebhard's second daughter Elizabeth GEBHARD is 

 1858 Johann GEBHARD a Tailor at 275, Bellbarn Road (Kelly's).

 1860 My Great Great Grandmother Alice Maud GRETTON is born in Birmingham 
(daughter of James GRETTON and Mary Ann YERL). Abraham Lincoln is elected 
U.S. President this year.

 1861 On the day of the census the 7th of April the Gebhard family lives at 
57 Vittoria Street, Hockley; Johann & Eliza and their children: - Martin 
aged 7, Marie Katherina aged 6 and Elizabeth aged 3 (1861 Census) I have 
discovered that this property was built in 1851 for the BRAGG family who 
were buckle-makers. The corner and the rear of the property (where the 
manufactory was) were both rebuilt in 1910, however, if you go there today 
the left hand side of the building which is marked 55-57 and the inside 
with its wooden staircases have not been altered i.e. it's the same as 
when these ancestors of mine lived there 143 years ago! If you are in the 
area do go to Vittoria Street and have a look (The Jewellers Arms is O.K. 
for a beer afterwards or the Rose Villa Tavern - both relatively 

 1861 Johann and Elizabeth's last child Agnes Johanna GEBHARD is born on 
14th November at 57, Vittoria Street, Hockley.

 1862 Johann Jacob GEBHARD has a Tailors Business at 14, Belmont Row; his 
brother-in-law Thomas ISLIP lives at number 15 in the same street 

 1864 to 1866 Johann Jacob GEBHARD is a Tailor at 138, Sandpits Parade 

 1865 Antiseptic surgery is introduced.

 1866 Johann Jacob Gebhard's niece Lischen Marion Gebhard ISLIP (aged 18) 
is married to Charles Frederick SMITH (aged 21) on the 23rd of June at St. 
Bartholomew's at Edgbaston (more commonly known as Edgbaston Old Church).

 1867 Johann Jacob GEBHARD lives in Spring Hill (1867 Burgess Roll - it 
does not, however, give a specific house number).

 1867 to 1869 Johann is a Tailor & Draper at 36, Bath Street off Loveday 
Street (Hulleys & Whites Directory).

 1871 On the day of the census the 2nd of April Johann GEBHARD and his 
family live at 30C Hospital Street (1871 census); they would move to 30B 
Hospital Street and Johann finally to 67 Hospital Street. Stanley meets 
Livingston this year.

 1872 Johann Jacob GEBHARD is a Tailor at 30B, Hospital Street (Kelly's)

 1873 Blondin famous for walking on a tightrope over Niagara Falls does the 
same thing at Edgbaston Reservoir to the delight of thousands of 

 1874 On the 5th of September Johann's daughter Marie Katherina GEBHARD 
aged 19 is married to George Dean MORRIS at Birmingham Register Office 
(she gives her address as 30B, Hospital Street. George's address is 53 
Summer Lane).

 1876 Johann Jacob GEBHARD still a Tailor at 30B, Hospital St. (Whites).

 1878 Johann's son Johann Martin GEBHARD (always known as Martin) is 
married to Alice Maud GRETTON (Annie) on the 21st of December at St. 
Saviours in Saltley. Johann Jacob GEBHARD has property at Sherborne Place, 
Albert Road, Aston.

 1879 Martin & Alice's first child Martin James GEBHARD (my Great 
Grandfather) is born at 109, Rupert Street, Aston on Tuesday the 15th of 

 1880 Frederick GEBHARD (son of Martin & Alice Maud) is born on 23rd 
November at 6, Trafalgar Road, Aston.

 1881:- On the day of the census the 3rd of April Johann Jacob GEBHARD is 
still at 30B, Hospital Street, now living not with his wife but with 
Catherine PEARCE a widow 20 years younger than Johann (1881 Census); 
Catherine PEARCE was born in Painswick Gloucestershire, her maiden name 
was BIRT.

 Eliza GEBHARD (Johann's wife) and the two daughters Elizabeth (aged 23) 
and Agnes (aged 21) are living at 35, Belgrave Square Erdington (1881 

 At 39 Princess Rd. Balsall Heath (a property owned by Wilhelm Conrad 
Gebhard) are:- Mary Stokes married aged 53 born Ludlow her daughter Louisa 
Stokes aged 17 born Birmingham and an Anne PEARCE aged 12 born 
Birmingham - a coincidence? (1881 Census). The Birmingham Council House is 

 1882 Birmingham gains its first electricity supply.

 1883 Clifford GEBHARD (son of Martin and Alice Maud) is born at 100, 
Herbert Road, Aston on the 20th of April. On Saturday 17th of November 
Johann Jacob GEBHARD dies of a heart attack 5 days before his 64th 
birthday, he had changed address in the same street, he died at 67, 
Hospital Street; Catherine PEARCE the informant (death certificate). 
Johann GEBHARD was buried in Plot 27L at Key Hill Cemetery Hockley; at the 
time of his death his son Johann Martin GEBHARD ("Martin") was 30 years of 
age. The electric light bulb is invented this year. The population of 
Birmingham is circa 410,000; an almost 100% increase since Johann GEBHARD 
arrived in the city in 1849.

 1885 Evaline Laura THOMAS (known as Eva) is born on Wednesday 10th of 
June in Belgaum India (my Great Grandmother); the daughter of John THOMAS 
a professional soldier in the 1st Battalion of the Rifle Brigade and 
Margaret KIRWAN who was born in Dublin. She would marry Martin James 
GEBHARD (my Great Grandfather). Ethel May GEBHARD (known as "Cis") is born 
(daughter of Martin GEBHARD and Alice Maud - she died of the Spanish Flu 
shortly after the First World War, she married a Jack COVERLEY).

 1888 Marie Katherina MORRIS (nee GEBHARD) dies aged just 33 in Sheffield 
leaving 4 children; (daughter of Johann Jacob GEBHARD and Elizabeth 
ISLIP). Alice GEBHARD (known as "Bas") is born in Birmingham (daughter of 
Martin and Alice Maud). In August of this year Jack the Ripper would 
murder his first victim. Edison's phonograph is manufactured for sale to 
the public.

1889 Kate Gertrude GEBHARD is born (daughter of Martin and Alice Maud); 
Mary Ann GRETTON dies (Alice Maud's mother) she is buried at St. Mary's 
Handsworth (Plot J272). On the 14th of January Birmingham becomes a City.

 1890 First electric tram runs on the Bristol Road, Birmingham.

 1891 The census is taken on the 5th of April and Martin & Alice Maud 
GEBHARD and their first 6 children live at 49, Villa Street, Lozells (1891 

 1891 onwards Elizabeth GEBHARD (Johann Jacob Gebhard's widow) and the two 
daughters Elizabeth and Agnes Johanna now live at 1, Springfield, off 
Fentham Road, Erdington.

 1893 Spring Hill library opens. Labour Party founded.

 1894 Howard GEBHARD is born in Birmingham (son of Martin and Alice Maud).

 1896 Thomas ISLIP Pearl Button Manufacturer dies aged 69 on the 6th of 
March at 151, Bristol Road, Birmingham (Johann Jacob Gebhard's brother-in- 
law). The first public trial of a "horseless carriage" or motor car takes 
place at Cannon Hill Park.

 1897 John Gretton GEBHARD (son of Martin and Alice Maud) is born on Monday 
the 29th of November at 81, New Spring Street, Hockley. Coverage of all 
homes by postal delivery is commenced. Aston Villa F.C. moves to Villa 

 1899 James GRETTON dies aged 62(Alice Maud's father). Lischen Marion ISLIP 
(nee Gebhard) dies on the 15th of March aged 84; she is buried at St. 
Nicholas Kings Norton (she was Johann Jacob Gebhard's elder sister). The 
Second Boer War commences.

 1900 Agnes Johanna GEBHARD (aged 39) is married in Chelsea to John 
Vickerman T. LILL (aged 23) a Concert Pianist.

 1901 Frank GEBHARD is born (son of Martin and Alice Maud) he died in 
infancy. On the day of the census the 31st of March Johann Martin GEBHARD 
("Martin") and the first 8 of their 9 kids live at 45, Spring Hill 
Passage, Hockley (1901 Census). Within a year of his marriage to Agnes 
Johanna GEBHARD John Vickerman T. LILL dies of T.B. at the age of 24. He 
is buried at St. Barnabas, Erdington. At back of 210, Lister Street Aston, 
the 15 year old Evaline Laura THOMAS (my Great Grandmother) lives with her 
parents the 46 year old John THOMAS born Chelsea and Margaret THOMAS aged 
38 born Dublin along with her three sisters and one brother. Eva THOMAS is 
a Dressmaker and so is her 19 year old sister Henrietta THOMAS (Census). 
Queen Victoria dies this year.

 1902 First Edgbaston test match takes place - England v Australia (it was 
a draw!). Boer War ends.

 1903 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show visits Birmingham.

 1906 On the 14th February (hence his middle name) Edward Valentine GEBHARD 
is born at 36, Heaton Street, B18. On the 30th September the last horse 
drawn tram runs (in Nechells).

 1907 On Monday the 29th of April my Great Great Great Grandmother 
Elizabeth GEBHARD (widow of Johann Jacob GEBHARD) dies aged 86 at 1, 
Springfield, Erdington (death certificate). She is buried at St. Barnabas 
Erdington. Later that year on Saturday the 26th of October Martin James 
GEBHARD and Evaline Laura THOMAS (my Great Grandparents) are married at 
Aston Register office; their address at the time was 12, Vauxhall Grove, 

 1907 On Thursday the 22nd of December my Grandfather Clifford John GEBHARD 
("Jim") is born at 52, Bacchus Road, Winson Green; the first child of 
Martin James GEBHARD and Eva.

 1908 Alice Maud GEBHARD ("Bas") married Herbert SEABORN in Aston.

 1909 Agnes Margaret GEBHARD is born (a sister to my Grandad "Jim").

 1910 The Electric Theatre in Station Street, the first cinema in 
Birmingham opens for business.

 1911 On the 3rd of March Alice GEBHARD is born, a sister for my granddad 
"Jim". Warwickshire Cricket Club win their first County Championship.

 1912 Polly PEARSON ("Mary") is born on 13th March at 7, St Helen's Place, 
Church Lane, Aston (my Grandmother). On the 15th of April the Titanic 

 1914 The commencement of the First World War in September. Johann Martin 
GEBHARD ("Martin") born Mainz 1853 was 61 years of age at the outbreak of 
the First World War, he had never been naturalised. On the 29th of 
September Arthur Claude GEBHARD is born in Elkington Street Aston (younger 
brother by 7 years of my grandfather "Jim"); his father Martin James 
GEBHARD had already gone off to war.

 Martin James GEBHARD enlisted at the outbreak of the war, he was put in 
charge of two horses (these horses pulled a gun carriage - this probably 
helped to save his life as it kept him a little back from the trenches) he 
"christened" these horses Eva and Etta - the names of his wife and her 

 1916 The Battle of the Somme.

 1917 Kate GEBHARD is married to Ernest FRANKLIN in Aston District.

 1918 English women get the right to vote.

 1920 Martin James GEBHARD and his family (including my grandfather Jim 
aged nearly 13) live at 4, Court 14, Bracebridge Street, Aston (Electoral 
Roll). Polly PEARSON aged 8 still lives at 7, St. Helens Place, Church 
Lane, Aston; her mother Mary (nee MACDONALD) is reputed to have been deaf 
and dumb.

 1921 On Saturday the 14th of May Johann Martin GEBHARD ("Martin") dies 
aged 68 (my Great Great Grandfather). He is buried at St. Barnabas, 
Erdington; at the time of his death his eldest son Martin James GEBHARD is 
41 years of age and his youngest son Edward Valentine GEBHARD is only 15.. 
There are two million unemployed in Britain.

 1923 On the 27th of January Clifford GEBHARD (son of Martin Gebhard and 
Alice Maud) dies at the age of 39 in Leicester.

 1924 Early in the year Alice Maud GEBHARD is married to John G. BROOKS (at 
St. Saviours - again); later in the year Alice Maud BROOKS (formerly 
Gebhard nee Gretton) dies aged 64. The first talking pictures are 

 1928 Edna GEBHARD born (youngest child of Martin James GEBHARD and Eva). 
Penicillin is discovered.

 1929 Jean Edna May GEBHARD (now Jean ALEXANDER) is born, daughter of John 
Gretton GEBHARD (he was an 18 year younger brother of Martin James 

 1930 Clifford James GEBHARD (my uncle) was born on Tuesday the 18th of 

 1931 Roy Albert GEBHARD (my father) was born on Monday the 27th of July in 
Heathfield Road Hospital. Joan GEBHARD is born on the 29th of May in the 
North London Hospital (daughter of Edward Valentine GEBHARD and Lilian 
RALPH). The 1931 census would be destroyed.

 1932 There are three million unemployed people in Britain. The infamous 
Body Line Test Cricket series takes place in Australia.

 1933 Cynthia PRITCHARD (my mother) was born on Thursday the 13th of July 
at 171, Devonshire Street, Winson Green. Gerald GEBHARD (my uncle) was 
born on Thursday the 21st of December.

 1934 On the 1st of June Lischen Marion Gebhard SMITH (nee Islip & Johann 
Jacob Gebhard's niece) dies aged 86 at 43 Caerau Road, Newport, 
Monmouthshire. She is buried at St. Nicholas, Kings Norton. In her will 
her effects go to her daughter Matilda Lischen SMITH; (my grandfather 
would have been 27 years old when Lischen Marion died and my great 
grandfather would have been 55 years old).

 1935 Martin James GEBHARD was born on Wednesday the 8th of May at the Gate 
Inn, Saltley (son of Howard GEBHARD and his second wife Quilla CAUSIER - 
she was born in 1902 in Birmingham). Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime 
Minister. On the 30th of May Alice GEBHARD marries George Henry MARKLAND.

 1936 Frederick GEBHARD (brother of my great grandfather Martin James 
GEBHARD) dies at the age of 56. The first continuous television service 
commences, King Edward VIII abdicates.

 1937 The Coronation of King George VI.

 1939 My Grandfather "Jim" GEBHARD joins the 51st Highland Regiment and 
when later they became attached to the 8th Army he would see active 
service in the desert. Approximately 75,000 Birmingham schoolchildren are 

 1940 On the 8th of August the first air-raid hits Birmingham - on 

 1941 The census is not taken due to the war.

 1942 The Battle of Alamein from the 23rd of October until the 4th of 

 1943 The Allies win in North Africa.

 1944 On the 14th of June James Andrew GEBHARD is born (son of Arthur 
Claude Gebhard and Ann DRUMMOND) at 3, Gwalia Grove Erdington.

 1945 The Second World War ends in May.

 1946 Kate FRANKLIN (nee Gebhard) dies aged 55 (sister of my great 
grandfather Martin James GEBHARD).

 1947 On the 4th of March Laurel and Hardy are on stage at the Birmingham 

 1949 Agnes Johanna MOORE (formerly Lill nee Gebhard) dies on the 26th of 
January aged 87 at "Glenora", 3, Tamworth Road, Sutton Coldfield (the 
youngest child of Johann Jacob GEBHARD and Elizabeth). She is buried at 
Sutton Coldfield Cemetery Rectory Road (Ref: 7733). All of her nephews and 
nieces receive £1,000 each in her will.

 1950 On the 23rd of July John Gretton GEBHARD dies aged 52 at Sidcup, Kent 
(brother of my great grandfather Martin James GEBHARD.) Earlier in the 
year the Labour Party wins the General Election and Clement Attlee is 
Prime Minister. Edna GEBHARD married Bill GRIFFITHS at St. Barnabas.

 1953 On the 29th of May Hilary conquers Everest, the Coronation of Queen 
Elizabeth II on the 2nd of June.

 1954 Paul GEBHARD (me!) son of Roy GEBHARD and Cynthia (nee PRITCHARD) was 
born on Thursday the 30th of September at Dudley Road Hospital. On the 
same day Nautilus the first atomic submarine is launched, Frank Sinatra 
is top of the charts with "Three Coins In A Fountain". Earlier in the year 
Roger Bannister runs the mile in under four minutes. Food rationing 
finally ends.

 1956 On Thursday the 23rd of August Martin James GEBHARD (my Great 
Grandfather) dies aged 77. He is buried at St. Barnabas Church Erdington; 
at the time of his death his eldest child Clifford John GEBHARD ("Jim") is 
48 years of age but his youngest child Edna GEBHARD is only 28. Allied 
forces take control of Suez.

 1959 The M1 Motorway is opened.

 1960 On Friday the 1st day of the New Year Ian GEBHARD (my brother) was 
born in Dudley Road Hospital; on the same day Emile Ford & The Checkmates 
are top of the charts with "What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me 
For". J.F. Kennedy wins U.S. Elections. Alice Seaborn ("Bas") nee GEBHARD 
dies on the 2nd of August; her address at the time was 33, Ismere Rd., 
Erdington (sister of my Great Grandfather Martin James GEBHARD). She is 
buried at St. Barnabas Erdington (Plot H291).

 1961 In April the first man in space is Yuri Gagarin.

 1963 Howard GEBHARD dies on the 20th of July aged 69; his home address was 
38, Springhill, Erdington (brother of my great grandfather). On the 22nd 
November J.F. Kennedy is assassinated.

 1964 Paul Gebhard's final address in Birmingham is 35, Shakespeare Road, 
Ladywood, Birmingham (in typical "back to back" housing); Paul GEBHARD 
attended St. Johns School in Ladywood. The family moves to Lichfield on 
the "overspill" scheme in 1964.

 In Shakespeare Rd. that year: - at No. 14, Beatrice WHITWORTH 
Shopkeeper, No. 26, W. HENNESSEY, Bookmaker; No. 80, Bill LOWNDES, 
Shopkeeper; No. 85, J.W. TIMMS Newsagent; No. 81, Mrs. R. COLEMAN, 

 1965 Birmingham Rotunda opens.

 1966 On the 30th of July England win the football World Cup.

 1969 Eva GEBHARD (nee Thomas) my Great Grandmother dies on her 84th 
birthday the 10th of June. On the 21st of July Neil Armstrong walks on the 

 1971 The rebuilt New Street Railway Station opens.

 1978 On Friday the 7th of January Clifford John GEBHARD ("Jim") my 
Grandfather dies aged 70. (Always known as Jim or "Crowie" because he was 
born with a shock of black hair and somebody called him Jim Crow and the 
name Jim stuck for 70 years).

 1984 On the 14th of January Edward Valentine GEBHARD dies aged 77 (brother 
of Martin James GEBHARD my great grandfather).

 1989 On the 20th of September Alice Maud MARKLAND (nee GEBHARD) dies aged 
78 (sister of my granddad "Jim").

 1992 Arthur Claude GEBHARD dies aged 78 (younger brother of Clifford John 
GEBHARD my grandfather).

 1997 On the 20th of February Polly GEBHARD (nee Pearson) my Grandmother 
dies at the age of 84 (always known as Mary).

 2004 After nearly 16 years of on and off trying I finally obtained a copy 
of the Parish Record for the birth of Johann Jakob GEBHARD. Then within 
minutes found the ancestry of his mother Catharina DUCHMANN (born 25th of 
July 1801) back to 1403 in Florsheim! (Typically though I couldn't find 
anything about his father Martin GEBHARD!).

 On the DUCHMANN line I am back to what is to me my 17th Great Grandfather 
a Peter I. DUCHMANN born 1403.

 We no longer have a family tree - we have a family forest!

 We can trace our Duchmann ancestors to late medieval times; Chaucer had 
just died, the days of Henry IV and Agincourt, pre William Caxton, pre 
Leonardo da Vinci, pre Michaelangelo, pre the Tudors etc!

 Email: paul@mygodwins.com

I would like to find out where my Great, Great, Grandmother Alice Maude 
GEBHARD (nee Gretton) is buried; she died in 1924 but earlier in the year 
she had married a Mr. John G. BROOKS so presumably we are looking for the 
burial of an Alice M. BROOKS (thinking about it I would like to know her 
exact date and place of birth too).

 What happened to Elizabeth GEBHARD? (a sister of Johann Martin, Marie 
Katherina and Agnes Johanna); she was still unmarried aged 43 and living 
with her mother in 1901 (she is not mentioned in her sister's will made in 

 I would like to know if the three different Gebhard families in Birmingham 
in the 1880's knew of each other: "Our Lot" (from Frankfurt first arrived 
circa 1849 to Birmingham), "The Butchers" (from Bretzfeld in Wurttemberg), 
and those of Wilhelm Conrad GEBHARD the Importer/Exporter from Nuremberg 
(wife Florence MANT, sons Norman Leslie GEBHARD and Eric Walter GEBHARD)

 I do realise that I will never see a photograph of Johann Jacob GEBHARD 
or his wife Eliza but I wonder if someone somewhere has a photograph of 
Martin GEBHARD who died 1921 (my Great Great Grandfather).

 Others missing from my photo collection are: - Howard GEBHARD ("Bill"), 
Clifford GEBHARD (died in Leicester in 1923 aged 39 he married an Emily 

 I still find it amazing that there were 3 separate German families with 
the same surname in Birmingham at that time - that took some unravelling 
at the beginning (if anyone is researching the GEBHARD(T) brothers that 
came to England from Bretzfeld and settled in Wakefield, Morpeth, 
Sheffield and Birmingham I have gathered lots of information on them by 
accident" which I will happily pass on to you.