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1881 Census of Stafford – GODWIN folk born Stafford who are employed in the Shoe Making Trade:-


At 62 New Street:-

John GODWIN b1840 (son of William & Jane)

Wife Mary born Ireland c1839

Kids: Sarah Ann GODWIN 1870, Elizabeth GODWIN 1872, Henry GODWIN 1879



At 16 Gaol Road:-

Henry GODWIN b1852 (son of William & Jane – brother of above)

Wife Frances MILLWARD

Kids: Henry GODWIN b1870, William GODWIN b1877, Frances Lilly GODWIN b1881 (known as Lily)


At 1 Victoria Street:-

William J. GODWIN b c1836

Wife Emily MORETON b c1841

Kids: Charles GODWIN b 1878, Frederick GODWIN b c1880, Esther GODWIN b c1886, Arthur GODWIN b c1890


At 16 Victoria Street:-

Jane GODWIN (nee ROBINSON b1820 widow of William GODWIN b1818)

Kids: Fanny GODWIN bc1859, Jane GODWIN b c1863 (known as Jennie)

Grandson: William Henry GODWIN b 1876 Sutton Coldfield (son of Joseph GODWIN b 1844 & Elizabeth NEWTON)


At 9 Millbank:-

John GODWIN b c1826 (son of John GODWIN & Maria)

Wife Elizabeth Unknown

Kids: Elizabeth GODWIN b c1847, Sarah Ann GODWIN b c1855, William GODWIN b c1863, Beatrice GODWIN b 1867, Florence GODWIN b c1870

Grandfather: John GODWIN b c1797




At 10 Millbank:-

George GODWIN b c1849

Wife Jane (nee HAWKINS)

Kids: Florence Jane GODWIN b 1871 (but not christened until 1873 at Christ Church), George GODWIN b c1875, Henrietta Eliza GODWIN b c1878, Getrude Beattie GODWIN b 1880

Mother-in law Jane HAWKINS b c1827 Newport


At 14 Clark Street:-

George GODWIN b c1829 a Widower

Kids: Mary A. GODWIN b c1853, George GODWIN b c1859, Julia GODWIN b c1862


At 31 Friar Street:-

James GODWIN b c1832 a Widower

Kids: James GODWIN b c1864, Elizabeth GODWIN b c1866, Maud GODWIN b c1868, Charles GODWIN b c1870, Ellen GODWIN b c1872, Jane GODWIN b c1874, Paid ? GODWIN b c1876, Luke GODWIN b 1880


At 5 Lovatt Street:-

Samuel GODWIN b c1830

Wife Sarah (nee MALPAS) b c1845

Kids: Sarah GODWIN b 1868, Eleanor GODWIN b 1873, James G. GODWIN b 1874, Florence GODWIN b 1878, Mary Ann GODWIN b 1881


At 95 Backwalls North:-

John GODWIN b c1811

Wife Eliza Unknown b c1814



At 4, College

John GODWIN b c1811

Wife Ann b c1815


At 48 Duke Street:-

Thomas GODWIN b c1845 is a lodger at the house of Harriett SMITH






At 8 Wright Street:-

Clara J. GODWIN b 1865 in Penkridge (daughter of William GODWIN and Georgiana SMITH) is staying with her aunt and uncle; he is a Thomas VIEDIMAN born in Waterford Ireland c1844


Alternatively in 1881 at 17 Coventry Street, KIDDERMINSTER lives a William J. GODWIN a Shoe Maker born about 1810 in Stafford.